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Roofing Products for Service in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas


Asphalt shingles remain the most popular choice amount consumers today. The recent advances in technologies have made asphalt shingles become more durable then before.  There are many variations of asphalt shingles including three tab, artitequal shingles and premium designer shingles. Each come with their own set of attributes, High-wind warranties, Impact resistant, unique profiles and colors, etc. Let a Proline Roofing Solution Inc. professional help you decide what works best for your roofing system.

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Cedar Shakes

Shakes are an elegant traditional look that never goes out of style.  Cedar shakes are lightweight, durable, long lasting, adding that rustic appearance we all know and love. Give Proline Roofing Solutions Inc. a call, we would love to come and talk about your roofing needs.

Rubber Roofing

Never re-roof your house again!! Sounds great doesn’t it? These Roofing systems have the longest lifespan by far. There are different types of Eco-Friendly Rubber Roofing Systems, which can even be a great alternative to Cedar Shakes. They have combined extreme durability with stylish profiles and colors, giving your roof a highly luxurious appearance for a long, long time. Best of all, technology today has allowed rubber roofing to become more environmentally friendly than ever.  Have a Proline Roofing Solutions Inc. professional come out and show you the options available.

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